Zach and his family made the tough decision to leave Toronto for a job opportunity in Victoria. Once moving here, his family discovered the James Bay Community Project and began attending the Family Resource Centre programs regularly.

“One of my major concerns moving out here was leaving the support system of our family and friends in Toronto. But going to the JBCP has filled in part of that need for us,” Zach said.

His family has since formed close connections with other parents undergoing similar life experiences and challenges. As well as bonding over shared experiences, Zach values the diverse perspectives offered by other participants.

“One of the strengths at the JBCP is we get to meet with a lot of families who come from different backgrounds – that’s something we really appreciate,” he shared.

Due to limited space in their current living situation, their family cannot accommodate the same assortment of toys or outdoor space for their son. One of their favourite resources at JBCP is having access to a variety of toys and outdoor space which has had a major impact in the development of their son’s motor skills.

“Of all the places I’ve been to, this is the place where I’ve felt most comfortable,” Zach said.

Through JBCP, not only is Zach’s son learning important skills, but Zach is learning from and connecting with other members in his community.

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