In January 2022, Nadia and her family relocated to Victoria from South Africa. Having no connections on Vancouver Island aside from her husband’s family, they initially found it difficult to meet people.

Everything changed for Nadia’s family when they discovered the James Bay Community Project last September. Since then, Nadia and her son have regularly attended the play group in the Family Resource Centre.

“This play group specifically made a big difference in making it easier to adjust,” Nadia said.

Thanks to the play group program, both Nadia and her husband have made new connections. They now enjoy getting together outside of the playgroup with other families they have met.

“A lot of our friends are parents and moms that I have met here,” she shared.

Nadia’s son looks forward to seeing his friends at the playgroup. He especially enjoys music time, which has boosted his confidence and independence.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen him vocally asking an adult for something – he requests songs, which I’ve never seen him do,” Nadia said. 

During their transition, the James Bay Community Project provided Nadia’s family with a sense of community and belonging. It has become a place they can come to and feel at home.

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