Happy Family Day!

We hope that you enjoy this day with your given or chosen family.

Since 1974 at the James Bay Community Project (JBCP), families across Victoria are a part of our everyday! As a JBCP staff family, we are privileged to walk alongside yours, whether through our Parent and Baby/Child Groups, Youth & Family Outreach, or Seniors Programs. If you need support, we are here for you! Our phone number is 250-388-7844, Ext 0 and we are in James Bay, Victoria at 547 Michigan Street.

For this Family Day throughout the rest of March, we have a major goal to mark by increasing our monthly donor contributions from $425 to $1,000 each month, to support our programs. Monthly donations help our charitable organization predict our revenue and stretch our budget.

If you are able, can we count on you signing up to be a monthly donor? Just 20 new monthly donors gifting $25-$50 would make this goal possible.

Our existing services are:

  • Family Resource Centre
  • Youth & Family Outreach
  • Youth Food Skills
  • Seniors Outreach
  • Victoria And Oak Bay Better at Home Program
  • Volunteer-delivered services for seniors
  • Social programs for seniors
  • Digital Dive-In (portable tech info sessions for seniors)

Follow this link to sign up as part of our family of monthly donors: https://jbcp.bc.ca/donate/

Thank you for consideration! 

P.S. For every new monthly donation of $20 or more, Canada Helps* will add a bonus donation of $20.

P.P.S. Already a monthly donor? Increase your monthly donation by $10 and Canada Helps will add a matching donation!

*Canada Helps is a registered charity that supports other charities in their fundraising efforts. Learn more about the Canada Helps “Make It Monthly” campaign, including a FAQ at the bottom of their page.